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Dear Property Owner,
Thank you for considering The Dwelling Place for you property management needs. Rest assured we take very seriously your important investment. The following is an outline of the services offered by The Dwelling Place, a professional property management company under the same ownership since 1983 and in business since 1978. We are an Equal Housing Opportunity office and adhere to the guidelines as set forth by the Federal Fair Housing laws.
Depending on your business needs, these services can be tailored to meet your specific criteria with services being added or deleted, depending on the property and on your personal preferences. 
I.  Leasing Services  
  •          Advertising
  •          Showings
  •          Tenant screening
  •          Leasing paperwork
  •          Property Inspections
  •          Tenant complaints
  •          Rent collection & disbursement to owner.
  •          Monthly financial reports
  •          Year end report & 1099
  •          Annual operating/maintenance budget
  •         We take all maintenance calls 24/7. 
  •         Day to day maintenance issues.
  •         Common area upkeep
  •         Collect bids for larger projects.
  •         We work with owners that currently have maintenance people they prefer & owners that prefer to do maintenance themselves.
  • We do NOT add a percentage to the maintenance bills for coordinating maintenance issues.
  • We have a flat fee for managing single family homes and a very reasonable rate for multi family properties.
Please contact our office for a more detailed outline of our services and fees. We look foward to hearing from you!
Not sure if you want turn full control over to a property management company?
This is a unique service The Dwelling Place offers. Long gone are the days of all or nothing. You can still manage your property with the added comfort of knowing you have a management company to handle the pesky screening/ leasing process or any unforeseen problems that may arise, such as emergency inspections or issuing proper default notices. This could be especially helpful if your rental is not near your primary home. There are several different ways you can use a property manager while managing the property your self: 
  • Pay only for the services you want or need- Obviously, cost and services will vary depending on exactly what your needs are. For example, the owner handles their finances (rent collection, security deposits) and daily maintenance while the property manager handles screening applicants, paperwork, cleaning, move out inspections and charges a flat fee for each. If you’ve had difficulty finding good renters you like in the past, this could potentially be a good solution.
  • Maintenance management- If you prefer to pick your own renters but hate the midnight maintenance calls you can list the property management contact info as the emergency contact and just be charged a flat fee for each occurrence. We can also manage day to day maintenance for a small flat fee. This is especially helpful to elderly property owners that have a tendency to be taken advantage of or just dont know who to call in the event of an emergency. 
If you are considering using our services, we will be happy to provide you with references from owners we currently manage for. We would also love to meet with you to review your property and to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of our services and we hope to do business with you in the near future.
2801 S. Russell  Suite #42
Missoula, MT.  59801


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